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Curly Secret QUENCH MY THIRST 2-in-1 TREATMENT 50ml MSRP  7,95€

The intensely nourishing treatment gives your curls so many nutrients, definition and shine as you have never experienced before. There is no more room for frizz or dry hair. With jojoba oil it stimulates hair growth and with tea tree oil it regulates the oil production of your scalp!
How to: As a styling cream, apply a small amount to wet hair and style it as usual. As a hair mask - Apply the mask to clean, wet hair. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse well.

Flora & Curl  Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion 300ml MSRP 22€

A botanically packed curl styling cream formulated to activate your curl shape, and reveal your pattern without any crunch. It is a frizz-combating formula, and glides smoothly, nourishing enough to add body and shine.
How to: Section hair, and apply to damp hair toencourage softer, defined curls or apply to hair during the week for a curl pick-me up. Use together with the Sweet Hibiscus Curl DefiningGel for extra definition.


Suitable for daily use the Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo is the foundation of your wash day, setting the perfect tone for your curls Moisturising and nourishing, scalp friendly shampoo Hydrating formulation Leaves hair looking shiny Leaves curls separated and defined
How to: Massage into a wet scalp and rinse thoroughly, letting the suds glide through to the ends

Curl Keeper Pure Silk Protein Conditioner 100ml 15€

Curly Hair Solutions™ Pure Silk Protein offers an extreme concentration of silk protein that delivers the healthiest and softest hair possible by softening the roughest, driest hair.
How to: Distribute treatment liberally on clean, wet hair and allow to penetrate for 10 minutes or longer, then rinse out (no heat required). Will never build up so you can use a generous amount after washing, making sure to rinse out completely.